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During the lifetime operation of the heating system there may be situations that require reducing or increasing the number of sections, or flush the radiator.

Everybody deserves a warm, comfortable and safe home.

If your home heating system should break down or stop working properly, it is important to have a company you can trust to perform the heating repair services you need quickly, reliably, and affordably.

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Heating Services

Heating Repair Services in Fenton

Heating Repair Company in Fenton, MIWhen it comes to installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of home heating and air conditioning units, Adams Mechanical LLC is the company to call. We like to say that we are a one-stop shop because we offer numerous services for any and all heating and air needs. Our mission is to help you save money while still maintaining the best possible quality and customer satisfaction. With 13 years of experience for heating services in Genesee County, we many services that will get your home’s heating back on track. Along with remarkable and efficient service, it allows anyone to receive the services they want and need at an affordable price.

Designing HVAC Systems

Sometimes it is necessary to completely reconfigure the heating and air system that is currently in place in your home when it is no longer working. While we offer repairs of already installed systems, it is sometimes more cost-efficient to rework the system completely. When this issue arises, we offer people heating repair services in Fenton and surrounding areas that include the designing of an efficient and safe Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system. As part of this process, we offer a-

  • Free estimate
  • Load calculation
  • Equipment selection
  • Duct design
  • Installation
  • Along with maintenance check-ups

Genesee County Furnace Repair ServicesLoad calculation ensures that the heating and cooling load is appropriately determined for each home based on its heating and cooling needs. The equipment to be installed in selected based on the finalized load calculation, ensuring that there is the perfect amount of heating and cooling equipment used in the home. The designing of the duct will help us find the best possible way to distribute air throughout your home efficiently and cost-effectively while reducing excess noise and room air distribution.

Once the new system is installed, we will provide a checkup of all components, including:

  • Refrigeration
  • Electrical
  • Air distribution
  • Combustion

We will make sure they are working properly together to keep you warm all winter long.

Other Heating Repair Services in Fenton, MI

Along with the design of HVAC systems, here at Adams Mechanical LLC we also offer a 24 Hour Emergency Service that is useful in times of extreme temperatures and a failed HVAC system. When temperatures reach very high temperatures or dip way below zero, it is vital to have your home – and those who live in it – protected from these extreme weather conditions. The 24 Hour Emergency Service is just the service for those times of desperate need.

Maintenance Check Ups in Genesee County, Michigan

Fenton Furnace heating maintenance and repairIf you had a new installation with us, a maintenance contract is available, which will provide two check-ups per year. This is beneficial because it is essential to have maintenance checks on your home HVAC system just like getting an oil change on your car or a cleaning at the dentist. Each of these things needs regular check-ups to make sure that everything is running properly and in the best way possible, so you benefit most. Maintenance checks are some of the best with heating repair services in Genesee County because the system function, air flow, and possible refrigerant leaks are checked, along with the inspection of the inside coil, and a complete recharge of the system is included in our services. The cleaning and oiling of the motor’s fans and any necessary service to other hardware in the system are contained in these checks, along with the detection of any problems that need fixing, our trained technicians’ suggestions for a solution, and a free estimate of the repair’s cost.

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